Upcomming Products

Sesam Oil (Til Oil)

Our Upcoming products are sesame oil also known as til oil which will be the best all over the world guaranteed and can be used for both medicinal and food needs. It will be the purest and 100% virgin oil the handpicked highquality seeds from the selected farmers

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White Flour (Maida Flour)

Maida/ White Flour is one of our upcoming products which will be soon in the Indian Market for daily purpose use. As we know maida is one of the most used products in the Indian market specially for fast food purposes. Also, many kinds of bread are incomplete without this maida.

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Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits will soon be under this label to conquer the markets at affordable rates. In India, Dry Fruits are used in almost every sweet and every home in mostly every wedding. We will soon be launching this product.

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